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What Makes Us Special...

Beach Babies was designed for our own children

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Beach Babies opened its doors in August 2006 as a family-owned and operated learning center.  Designed by Allison McCarthy and her husband Mark, Beach Babies was created as a place for children to be able to play and grow as individuals. Our incredibly loving and nurturing team of teachers are committed to our philosophy that children deserve to feel loved, supported, safe, and confident while being appreciated for who they are as individuals. Our parents and children are considered our family. Allison works on site every day with the team making sure that each child goes home happy, healthy, and a little dirty. Our curriculum includes social and emotional, physical, language, early literacy, early mathematics, science, technology, creative expression, health and safety, and social studies. We believe that children learn through experiences which is why Allison raises and cares for chickens with the children and plants, takes care of and harvests several fruit, vegetable, herb and flower gardens with the preschool and pre-k children. Allison incorporates the outdoors and all it has to offer into the curriculum.

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